November 17, 2010

on the HP radar

Have you seen Marie Claire's Emma Watson cover shoot this month? (I've never actually read this magazine. I'm just in uber HP mode waiting for the movie to come out on Friday. I do love Nina on Project Runway though.) I happened to stumble upon it on my 3 hour trip to B&N last night. I immediately wanted to cut my hair pixie short again.

Little Hermione. She's quite a beauty now.

And the color palette in this shoot is perfection. I may have to buy this issue just to cut out these photos for future inspiration. Those greys, pale pinks, creams and mint greens mixed with big silver accessories....I can't get enough.

And just to be clear, I'm in crazy mode waiting for this movie to open. Dear goodness, it's hard to wait! And knowing that this one is going to be a "to be continued" is just killing me! Kaley, I know you are with me on this one.


stephanie said...

well, if your asking for input (which you aren't) :) I'd say don't cut it :) I've been loving your hair in recent shots lately! Such a deep rich shade and it's so healthy and full. I recently got a haircut and he "texturized" it. which amounts to shaving out about 2/3rds of my hair. It was very sad for a few days around here. Then I realized the world has worse problems than my thin hair! I still can't wait for the day it all grows back though and I'll never texturize again!

kaley said...

yes friend, i am right there with you. harry fever. hermione has skinny legs (and i meant that in a nice way)

cottage girl said...

Stephanie...I don't think I could cut it that short again. It was a nightmare to grow out the last time. But cuts like this one are just so cute! Plus, I'd never wouldn't have to do my hair in the morning anymore.
Oh, and I don't dye my hair. Other than the blue and purple streaks from last year. It's all just my natural brown. My hairstylist keeps saying it's virgin hair. So pure. Ha! And it's super fine too. I have to make my own volume by teasing it.

Anonymous said...

I wish I looked that good dancing in granny panties. I do love her hair and I literally have to hold myself back every week from going in and getting that done. Bah!