November 24, 2010

Plans...important plans....

Thanksgiving weekend plans include:

Consume as much of my mom's Thanksgiving dinner (+ leftovers) as possible
Black Friday shopping (online and in stores)
Seeing HP7 again with friends (and maybe Tangled, too)
Finish a dominoes game with the parents (we started it while camping)
Eat more leftovers
Finish editing photos for friends
Write out blog posts that are swirling in my head
Make a big, long list of things I am thankful for
Start Felt-A-Licious!
Make a few art journal pages
Do my Breaking Free homework
Work on a secret project
Take photos
Play with Winnie
Skype my sister, nephew, niece
Shop for wool roving
Research dyeing wool
Shop for Christmas presents
Play Banangrams (and maybe win, just once)

What are you up to this weekend?

1 comment:

Kaley said...

this is a beautiful picture of wabanna!!