November 08, 2010

Time for bed routine

1. Straighten room. (I can't go to sleep in a mess. I will literally toss and turn in bed until I get up and straighten everything. I need order when I go to sleep so it will be in order when I wake up.)

2. Wash face, brush teeth, etc...

3. PJ's. Comfy, cozy things that usually don't match.

4. Into bed with Bible and journal in hand.

5. Read the Word and pray/journal for about 10-40 minutes depending on the night.

6. Turn out lights.

7. Turn on alarm.

8. Asleep in 10 minutes or less (usually)

My big thing before bed is reading the Bible. I started this in middle school, I think. I believe that I'm most emotionally vulnerable at night. I get weepy over hard days. I get wistful over dreams and plans. I ponder everything that went wrong that day (pessimist, that's me). It's the time of day I'm most likely to break down in tears.

I discovered many years ago that if I end the day with verses and words from Jesus, life is livable. Sleep is possible. Hope is readily available. Joy will come in the morning. I fall asleep easier because I've laid everything down before The One who can handle it. I'm not saying that I don't pick it back up in the morning, sometimes. But I do handle life better when my last words of the day are with my Savior.

What does your routine look like?

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tp said...

what is that delicious new blog banner you made?!? lovely.

also, my nightly routine includes worms in my bed and squirrels in my bed and mustard in my bed...
(no, it will never get old to me...)