November 12, 2010

camping time

I'm headed out to do one of my favorite things in the world.

Camping. Well, RV camping, that is.

I'm headed up north with the parental unit and other "friends who are family."

While I'm gone, you should:

watch this video from The Honey Trees. I'm obsessed with it.

Read this post from Katie and this post from another blog I follow. I didn't know they knew each other.

Check out Elsie's Tricks & Treats posts. It was the most inspiring place online the last few weeks of October. I got so many great ideas!

Check out this fun new feature from two of my favorite bloggers. I'm super excited about it!

Go see Waiting For Superman. You won't be disappointed.

Check out all the cuties on the AOW blog.

See you sooooonnnnn. I'll try and phone post if I can. I want to keep up my NaBloPoMo.


Cottage Girl

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