May 10, 2012

Best parts of today

The best parts of this long, über busy day included:

Not letting my laziness win, which meant running 2 miles before work this morning knowing I had an insane schedule in front of me. I didn't necessarily love the actually running, but I loved kicking my laziness in the pants.

A 30 minute Sun Tea break on the Cottage Porch with my roommate and friends/co-workers.

Bright sunny day that was semi-warm.

Rain (or water falling from my rain shower head) on tired limbs at the end of the day. (That shower head was the best $35 I ever spent 8 years ago.)

Chocolate cookies.

Scrubs discussions with a friend that is just watching it for the first time.

The Vampire freakin' Diaries season finale. I was literally on the edge of the couch for the last 5 straight minutes. I...I...I would like to have words to explain myself, but alas I am speechless. It continued its streak of "wow" season finales.

A cozy bed full of pillows that I am so grateful for after a day of running around.


Meredith T. said...

Can I come sit on that porch with you? And Tara? And Neal? Pretty please?! Miss you all- love you so much!!

cottage girl said...

I miss you too! A million time over. Come and have tea with us this summer!!