May 17, 2012

hear ye, hear ye

I've been running at least 20 minutes/2 miles for the last 2 weeks.

Now, to some of you, like my college roommate who have run (or are still running after having several children) multiple marathons, this may be no big deal.

But to this little 5'2" girl who has always struggled with anything having to do with sports or athletic ability, this a thing of epic proportions.

It is something that I'm immensely proud of for myself.

Proud because I'm not letting laziness and hatred of running win.

My sister asked me when I was talking to her about it the other day, "so do you like running now?"

My answer was a firm and hearty "no way."

It is still not something I look forward to.  It is still a chore.  It is still mostly miserable the whole entire time.


I love that I haven't let my laziness win for 2 months now.  It's more exciting that I'm learning to defeat my selfishness than I am learning to love running.

Now, when that pool opens, I may have to trade my running shoes for my swimsuit because by golly, I do love swimming.  That is something I look forward to, want to do and miss quite a bit when I can't.


Anonymous said...

You should look into some of these. They make your feet stronger and encourage a better running technique. I got the trail gloves and love them so far.

Anonymous said...



cottage girl said...

T: Oooo. Thanks. I just bought new shoes, but these those look really neat-o.

R: she told me to tell you hello.