May 26, 2012

insanity around the corner

This week was one of those weeks that, by the end, felt like a freight train out of control.
Extremely busy days at work.  Interviews/boats/pool/meals/phones/gift shop/decorations.
I've been wanting to blog all week, but haven't had the chance to sit down and actually do it.
It was crazy-cakes.

Then, every evening was busy as well.
All fine, fun things, but still.
No down time to do things like laundry or clean.
I did get to see Battleship (fun summer flick with Tim Riggins in all his short hair glory.  And Landry too!).
I did get my haircut (love it).
I did get to watch a scary movie (actually watched about 15% of it. The rest was too scary to actually look at).
I did get to spend time with friends and have great conversations.

Oh, summer time is upon me.
Crazy, long summer days.
And it's finally hot here.
The pool opens this weekend.
Staff are arriving.
Camp insanity is just around the corner


Allison said...

I know how exciting/tiring camp season can be. I will definitely be praying for you! Also, can we just talk about your way cute nails?

cottage girl said...

Thanks for the prayers. Truly. They will be needed, and I know you understand why.