October 02, 2006

Ali's weekly challenge

I'm a big fan of Ali Edwards scrapbooking style. I check her blog often to get ideas for cards and pages. At the end of last week, she posted a little challenge to try. A mini album of 5 favorite things right now. I LOVED this little challenge and decided to go ahead and give it a try. Here's my finished project. It was so much fun to create! I had so many great ideas and just went with them and didn't second guess my ideas.

Here is what it says...
#1. Photographs (sticker: 7 gypsies)
#2. Blogs (paper: Basic Gray, number by Heidi Swapp)
#3. In Style (circle stamp used throughout from Paper Source)
#4. Zach Braff
#5. Paper Crafts (paper: Basic Grey)
On the back, I wrote why I picked each one so I wouldn't forget 10 years down the road. Again, so much fun. Try it! Even if you just write it down in a journal or on a scrap of paper to find a couple years down the road.
Oh, and don't show it to your mid 20's brother. He won't be impressed and will basically laugh at you. You would think I would have learned that by now.
Three other things...
1. I will post pictures from the trip. I will. Just be patient....
2. I'm ecstatic about Battlestar Galactica starting on Friday. I will be planted on my couch as soon as 9pm hits. 2 hours of sci fi goodness.
3. Veronica Mars starts tomorrow. mmmm, Logan....
AND I found out that Josh Groban has a new CD coming out in a month. Oh, happy day! You can hear the new single on his website

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