October 18, 2006

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My life right now....

  • Shopping this past weekend at the scrapbook store by my sister's place. I gathered a huge pile of goodies to use in future projects. 7 gypsies everywhere.
  • My new LG phone. Internet, MP3 player, camera. It's wonderful compared to the old timer that I had for 2 years.
  • Warm sunshine after being in the cold all weekend. I got to spend 2 hours outside today working the climbing wall. My fingers are raw, but the sun felt amazing.
  • TV is in full swing. Veronica, Battlestar, ER are my favorites so far this season. I love going home at the end of the day knowing there is something good to watch in the evening.
  • West Wing season 1. I was addicted to this show during it's glory days. I bought this season on sale at Best Buy and have loved watching it again on my lunch breaks. Those characters are priceless.
  • Missing my friends. I really miss my girls who live so far away. I'm ecstatic that one of them is moving back (yesssss!!!) to the area. I can't wait.
  • Must print out pictures. It's the horrible, ugly secret in digital photography. I'm almost a year behind. (yup, I never printed out all of my Europe trip. that's sad...)
  • Wondering if anyone reads this blog. Seriously. Do I just write it for my own sake? Do I write just to get it out of my head? Is anyone listening to me? (as the field trip lady says on Billy Madison to the group of 2nd graders)

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Anonymous said...

I listen.


Audrey said...

I love to read....

Katie's Story said...

Of course we read your blog. You give us something to smile about and contemplate on. Keep it up!