October 05, 2006

Charming Vancouver

Such a nice city. Busy, yet so much more easy going than most American cities. The weather was BEA-U-tiful while we were there so that couldn't have hurt my impression either! It was amazing how many times we saw people shooting this movie or that small film. (More on that in a later post....) We had a wonderful time and just like my family said I would... I loved it there. Here's a couple of my favorite shots...
From the cruise boat as we left the dock. These glasses (which my brother constantly teased me about) were a source of great mocking on this trip. The bro called me "Skelator" everytime I had them on.
Lions Gate Bridge, which the film studio (that my bro worships at the feet of) Lions Gate is named after. So cool. You can walk across it or bike across it as well as drive. I took this laying on the ground in the middle of the pedestrian path.

The view as our cruise boat pulled away. I love how the city looks in this picture.

The crew enjoying the evening in the city. We had just had dinner at the Spagetti Factory. Sat outside to eat under the heat lamps. A film was being shot in the direction we were looking.

This shot reminds me of my Loch Lomond shot.

Funny Story:

My Daddy-O forgot his sunglasses one day as we were driving around. I offered him my "skeletor" glasses and he wore them most of the day. As we were at a stop light, I noticed 2 guys staring at him from their car next to us. I said "Dad! Turn and look at them! I think they are laughing at your glasses!" When he turned around, they doubled over in laughter and gave him 2 big thumbs up. That happened at least 2 more times that day! Seriously, those glasses have their own story to tell about that trip...

The lions guarding Lions Gate Bridge.

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