October 17, 2006

Painting with the moon

I took these pictures way back in the thick of the summertime and then forgot about them. The moon was HUGE one night over the water. I had my brothers amazing camera that night and decided to have some fun. Kinda like a sparkler leaves a trail when you play with it. I left the shutter open for a long time and moved the camera around at the same time. This was final product.

I know. I know. Why am I not finishing posting my pictures from my trip. Well, I don't have them within grasp today. I so very much enjoy a post with a picture, so this is what you get.....
Great time this past weekend was had by the sisters in my family. (aka me and my little sis) It was fantastic to see her and see how her belly is growing! It's still weird that I have to get on a plane to see her. Then my flight home....I sat on the plane for 2 hrs. Technical problems. Not fun. But not really such a huge deal either. Southwest has been a favorite airline of mine for a couple years. Their employees are so nice and they really do try to make you comfortable. So yes, it was their fault, but they did their best. It's easy to forgive someone when they are trying so hard to make things right, isn't it?!! I'll fly them again cause they are so darn cheap. Love that! Posted by Picasa

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