July 11, 2007

A favorite read

"Some books are so familiar reading them is like being home." -Jo March

I've been watching Little Women in 10 minute increments while I'm getting ready for bed at night. I LOVE this movie. It was my favorite for many, many years. (still love it, but had to take a break cause I watched too much. I know it by heart.) The book is still one of my favorites. My copy is so tattered from all the constant re-reads. I'm one of those weird people who loves Amy and Laurie together. I still cry buckets every time Beth dies. It's such an amazing book. It does feel like home when I read (or watch) it.

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jessica said...

I love Little Women, too :) Although, I don't love it as much as you since I've never read it or watched it more than 5 times. These past few years I've only begun to fall in love with movies like this. Would you believe I didn't see Pride and Prejudice until the new one came out? Sad.