July 29, 2007

happy sigh

This picture is in my favorites on Flickr. I have 4 pages of favorites. Shots that inspire me. Colors that give me a little thrill. Shadows and light that dance on the screen. This one is in a set of several of my favorites that I put as the backdrop on my computer screen. This particular pictures has made me smile for several days now. Just the emotion in the grandpa's posture. And I love the glimpse into the story that they wrote below it.

Just wanted to share!

Also, the song Forever and Ever Etc (click on the song title to hear it) by David Crowder has been getting me so excited about God today. On Friday, a friend came into the office and we were lamenting the leaving of so many of our summer staff. Not happy about it all. Sad that our 8 weeks of fun are almost over. Then she said that times like this make her homesick for heaven. Heaven, where we won't be separated from those we love to serve with. We can have great big camp dinners with everyone we meet and love here. FOREVER.....no more goodbyes. I had to thank her for that little encouragement right on the spot!
Plus, I just love that I'm His forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. How cool is that?!!

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