July 03, 2007

Just because

This picture popped up on my screensaver while I was at work today. It made me smile. This is my daddy-o and I in Prince Edward Island a couple years ago. Did I mention that I love it there?!!
This was the spot where L.M. Montgomery wrote Anne of Green Gables. A little house used to sit here and she would gaze out the window at the apple tree covered in white blossoms (the Snow Queen as Anne called it in the books) while she wrote. The old tree is still there.
PEI is a magical place. It really does look like what you imagine when you read any of L.M.'s books. Very low key. Very few paved roads. Little houses with little flower gardens and the ocean calling in the distance. Friendly people. I (and my mom) drug my poor dad to just about every spot that L.M. lived, worked, taught or walked. It was a dream come true for me since L.M.'s books have always been my favorites. It was like walking through her world and seeing everything she detailed in her books in real life. We (the parents and I) loved it there and are ready to go back.

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