July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

The last of the birthday wishes this week goes out to one of my bestest friends. I LOVE this girl. I hope all of you have someone like her in your life. She is so very kind and generous and caring and compassionate and beautiful inside and out. We met going on 13 years ago (good gracious, we're old, Steph!) at college. She was "placed" in the dorm room next to mine. I know for certain that God meant us to become friends. I spent many a happy hour with her talking the nights away, laughing (oh my, there was much laughter!), listening to her tell stories (I have never met anyone who can spin a tale like her), talking her down from the window ledge while she screamed "Moby Dick will be the end of me!", at late night hockey games, watching her in plays, eating meals in Marriott, going to Movies 10, doing stupid things with her and Audrey like making her eye looked like someone had hit her and going around to other people's rooms making up a story about it, reading British teen magazines, and simply enjoying one another's company.
She's always there when I need her, even if it is just through email since we live SO VERY far apart. She always lets me know that I'm loved and cared about and thought of. She let me play with her kids and get to to know them. She sends me super long emails (volumes, right?!) that I can soak up and be encouraged through. And she lets me send super long ones back and I know she will read every word and hear what I'm saying in between the lines.
Steph, I love you so much and I am truly blessed by having you in my life. Please know that you are so very special to me and I love you dearly.
Oh....and welcome to the club!!!

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