July 19, 2007


Morning, noon and night. This is what I did. And I was pulling this. I LOVE it! It was such a fun day. Yes, we did have a storm blow up and I was forced to drive in the rain for an hour, but even that was fun. I got to pull a cabin of little guys with their L(leader)I(in)T(training). So, cool! Their LIT had been coming here for years and it was amazing to see him with the kids. He was so kind and compassionate with them and also made sure they had a ton of fun too.
Today, I loved my job. God and I talked a lot and most of it was me saying thanks so much for this job. I love camp. I love the ministry that it is. I love that tonight, as I was working snack shop, I heard from the counselors that several kids "met" Jesus for the first time.
So, for all of you that read my blog to know what I'm thinking...ahem, ahem....you know who you are....I am saying once again "I am not leaving." I do love it here. I need days like this to remind me of that!
Now, I'm off to a much needed shower and to bed, all the while still feeling like I'm on the water being rocked back and forth. Mmmm.....night, night!

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stephanie said...

oh my goodness! i found you again! i was wondering if i'd have to go the rest of the summer with no cottage girl! :) we moved out of our house for good july 6th so i am just now seeing the beautiful post to me :) THANK YOU! i will probably re-read it MANY times in the coming months when i'm feeling very disoriented and alone!

it looks like you've been having a great summer. you look a bit like jackie-o today on the boat :) very elegant. very chesapeake bay-old money ish :) like i imagine it anyway- since i don't think i've even spent much time on the chesapeake :)

i will send you a volume via email so as not to clog up and bore everyone on your blog :)