July 26, 2007

in other news

So I have actually done a few other things besides read. Let's be honest, if I could have, I would have locked myself away in my room never to come out until it was over, but, alas, life was still going on around me, beckoning me to come and join in.

I did a photo shoot of the peanut. The above photo is an example. He's just so darn cute. There are several others on my Flickr page.

This past Saturday, I went sailing with my brother in a Sunfish. He was the experience. I was the "hold the rope and pull on it when he tells me to." SO FUN! We had perfect wind and the waves at the mouth of the river were incredible! Such a fun memory.

I went and picked up my copy of Harry Potter with the 8.3 million other people in the USA on Friday at midnight. I went with the same 3 people that had gone with me that last time, 2 years ago when book #6 came out. We didn't get out of Barnes and Noble until 1:15am, but, man, was it worth it. So glad I did it one more time.

Found the magazine Ready Made a couple weeks ago. A new love.

I LOVE this article by Stephen Kind a couple weeks ago in my Entertainment Weekly. LOVE.

I've been treasuring each moment with summer camp friends. We only have 2 weeks left (after this one). Oh, the horror of saying goodbye once again!

I had a visit from a good, good friend whom I haven't seen in person for over a year. I LOVE her to pieces. She means so very much to the sanity of my soul. I love that she asks the questions that I have to answer with the whole truth and not just the "yeah, I'm okay" answer. We had some good talks. I feel about 10 pounds lighter. It's great to have someone to swap prayer requests with. I'm so very thankful that God moved her here for a year and let us become so close. Good times!

And my sister, the peanut and brother-in-law are leaving at the end of this week. I can't really put it into words cause I just don't like it at all. I can't believe they won't be here to sit with at meals and have randomly walk into my house. Don't like it one bit.

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stephanie said...

that child is so doggone photogenic!!!! :) he's adorable! :) on monday we will know for sure (well as sure as we can) but it looks like we will be living in missouri. i'm excited about it- i can't wait to make it DEFINATE. movers are here aug. 9th i have tickets home with the kids aug. 18th! it's happening MUCH faster than i expected and we still don't know for SURE where we will be living in 3 weeks!!!!!!! thanks for not giving anything away re: harry potter...i'm SLOWLY reading along :)