February 03, 2009

Copier Olympics Champion

(yes, that's me. Gold medal winner)

Oh, yeah. It was Office Olympics day today. We wanted to tell our fearless leader that we appreciate him. What better way than to play games like Best Scary Copier Face (this could be one of the best games ever), Shoot the Rubber Band into the Bucket or Who Can Kick the Highest on the Kick Chart (that my roommate made for an other co-worker and has been used several times before this).
I've said this before, but my job is never dull. This is what happens in our "slow" season. Just imagine when we have 200 kids to play with. We often say that this job has ruined us forever. How can we ever have a real job after this? There is something about working at a camp that gives you the freedom to act like a kid. And it's wonderful. Simply wonderful.

So, what did you do at work today?


stephanie said...

we made play dough :) tidied up the house, a little knitting, some laundry. your office olympics sounds REALLY fun. i used to love doing fun stuff on staff meeting days.

Katie's Story said...

C R E A P Y !!!