February 17, 2009

updated chart

Thursday: Sleeping on the mat at death door.
Prescription: lay on bedroom floor moaning. crawl from bathroom to bedroom. repeat.

Friday: Cooking from the inside out. Brain included.
Prescription: pile on the blankets. curse self for not having a thermometer. watch Battlestar Galactica (frak, it was good) and Dollhouse to dull the pain.

Saturday: Imagine running 2 marathons in a row and then staying up for 48 hours straight. Prescription: do nothing. repeat. lay in bed. repeat. lay on couch. repeat.

Sunday: Living inside a jello mold. The world feels wonky and kinda wavy most of the time. Prescription: wander around cottage bored out of mind. read. lay around. sit at computer for short amounts of time before getting too tired and dizzy. Drink pint and pints of water.

Monday: Jello mold is beginning to melt, ever so slowly.
Prescription: sleep. sleep. sleep. Watch Chuck. Laugh. Swoon over adorable Zachary Levi. Watch Jack Bauer do his thing.

Tuesday: Awake to feel almost like a human again.
Prescription: Back to work. So I hear it was a holiday for everyone else? Shucks. Missed ALL of it....

ps...my friend Beth and I were in this one together. We moaned and groaned our symptoms in unison over the phone. Misery really does love company. It makes it much more managable.

psss....I missed you all. Really I did. Glad to be back.


tp said...

wait, you watch Dollhouse? i was irritated to see that Eliza Dushku took on another tv show and it is NOT Tru Calling... just saying.
i'm glad you are back too.

cottage girl said...

Yup, T. I did watch. I'm a sucker for anything Joss Weadon (the creator) does. I love me some Buffy. I understand your pain though...