February 20, 2009

random images are fun

They have no rhyme or reason. Just found them on my camera today. Sometimes it's freeing to have no explanation other than "why not."

My sister made me these totally fun produce bags for Christmas. Now I don't come home with 15 little plastic bags that get thrown into the trash. These have pretty ribbons too.

Cottage sweet Cottage. I have no idea when this was taken, but it was somewhat recent cause the trees have no leaves. This is what I see when I walk home from The Bro's house or any of the other houses that my camp friends live in across the field. Isn't my view just amazing?!

Don't remember where we were when I took this one. Oh, wait, this may have been Thanksgiving. I was sharing it with my camp friends since my parents were in the land of cold waiting for my niece to be born. This little peanut is too cute, isn't she? I love reading to hear and making her laugh. One day I'll get her to say my name.

Have a happy weekend, everyone! I'm excited to NOT BE SICK!

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