December 13, 2009

adventure, adventure, adventure

I had quite an adventure today. It's was fantastical. Wonderful. Fun, fun, fun. Ignore my face, please. I really am excited here. Almost too excited to eat from this menu in front of me.

On a whim, my roommate and I decided to head north in the midst of another rainstorm (haven't we had enough rain already this year?!). We hopped in the car after the early service at church and hit the freeway.

We were greeted by about 587 other people who decided to also go on an adventure today. Hi, people we don't know but ended up spending several hours with. You were all very nice!

We were all staring at this podium. Waiting...waiting...trying to wait so was hard.

And then, she excited was I that I couldn't keep my camera from shaking.

Wait! That it! There she is!! Can you tell?

It's PW. THE Pioneer Woman! Yes, we got to meet Ree.

And she was just as kind and wonderful as her addictive blog. She was gracious and so sweet. And we were star-struck and mumbling and loving every minute of it.

Such a cool adventure. Such a fun experience. So happy we threw caution to the wind and just went.



Anonymous said...

Great picture! Glad you got to meet her!-Mom

tp said...

oh my goodness! get out! how exciting!!