February 03, 2011

busy evening

(the view from the Temple while I was waiting for a movie to start)
  • I still have Sundance stories to tell, but I ran out of time tonight.
  • I miss it. I miss the movies and I miss my brother. So thankful for the photos and the memories that keep popping up in my head. I'm ready to get over the silly 2 hours jet lag that made me sleepy all week. It's only 2 freakin' hours, for goodness sake!
  • Had some AOW things to do. So fun. So amazing. So thankful to be able to help out.
  • Then I was deep in my new Bible study. I'm super excited to see how God uses this study at this time in my life. (Thanks, Steph for your perfectly timed words of wisdom. I love you to pieces!)
  • And Thursday nights are Dinner Club night. So fun. Friends, yummy food. It's the best. Here we are last spring, minus sweet Bethie.

  • After dinner it was more AOW editing. Plus, while editing, I've decided that it's time for some Friday Night Lights. All this chatter online about it ending this week on Direct TV and not airing on NBC until April....
I'm missing it big time. And dreading it ending all at the same time. Gotta decide if I want to buy the DVD's, watch it all at once, cry my eyes out or watch it on TV and ration it out week by week. So starting back at season one is feeling pretty good right now. And yes, it's still as good the 10th time. Even more so.

Clear eyes,
Full hearts,
Can't lose.

Night, night, all.

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