February 14, 2011

Happy Windy Valentine's Day

On this lovely Valentines day, we are enjoying a 65 degree day. It's heavenly. Truly. I had my windows down in my car, NO coat, warm sunshine. Now I'm aching for spring.

The only downside is the 40 mph winds that have accompanied this glorious weather. We already get pounded in the winter with horrible winds. But this is crazy.

Any-hoo, I have another somethin' to share with you later tonight, but I wanted to pop in and say a great big Happy Valentine's Day to each of you. And since today is all about love, here's a little list of things I ♥ right now...

  • Vintage Here, Vintage There (two of my favorite bloggers have a weekly post about vintage clothing. It's crazy inspiring)
  • Anthropologie's new wedding shop BHLDN. (oh, dear goodness, those dresses. this one makes me melt with vintage delight)
  • This song which seems very appropriate for today.
  • Netflix (currently I'm hooked on The Good Wife. More on that later)
  • 10 Cent's designs (If ever I come upon buckets of gold, she will be the one I go to help me decorate my house. I love everything she does including her incredible photography.)
  • Vintage finds (I found some amazing ones today at my local consignment shop. Photos soon)
  • Friday Night Lights (just because I can't wait for the final season in April)
  • Picnik (Crazy fun. I edit all my cell phone photos with it. Like the ones in this post.)

♥ ♥ ♥ from the windy peninsula,

Cottage Girl

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