February 13, 2011


Since I returned from Sundance, this has been my desktop background. It's from a movie I really loved at the festival. The colors just make me happy. The parade of blues in succession. The pop of yellow from her sweater. And that hair swept to the side, blowing in the wind.

Side Note:
I was a total green eyed monster for Brit Marling's hair in Another Earth. She's one of "those girls" with amazing hair that everyone else is totally jealous of. And yes, it looks just as good, if not better in person. (this is what she was wearing/looked like the day I saw her.)

And then there are the birds. The pops of white and gray over the blues. And the earth silhouette. One of the coolest parts of the movie. Seeing that silhouette in every shot of the sky. It looked completely real.

I love to have my background be something that speaks to me. Sometimes it's a photo of people I love. Sometimes it's something that makes me laugh. Sometimes it's something I'm to lazy to print out, so I make my giant monitor my frame and leave it one when I'm in my room. And sometimes it's just something inspiring that I'm completely obsessing over at the moment. Colors, lighting, costumes, shot composition. You name it.

What's on your desktop background? Do you change it often?

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stephanie said...

Family picture taken on top of Bodenberg Butte in Alaska :)