February 23, 2011

pretties I don't need

1. Moorea Seal 2. Ever So Lovely 3. Crave Jewelry Design 4. and 5. Mini Cyn (ring and earrings)
6. Wheat and Wildflower 7. and 8. Hip Mom Jewelry (Africa and China) 9. Nashelle

Truth be told, I'm not a big jewelry person. I wear the same ring and earrings every day. Actually, I never take them off. Never. They are simple and plain.

But these pretties, that I've found all over the internet, have caught my eye. Some of them, like #5, have been on my personal "want" list for a long, long time. But jewelry is always one of those things I say no to because I don't wear it. It seems like such an indulgence of riches for me. I do love these simple pieces though.

#1 is so light and small. #2 has that perfect pop of amazing pink. #3 I actually want in a necklace, but I just adore the tall ships. #4 and #5 I love how simple these are and that they are silver instead of a CZ or some other fake stone. #6 needs no explanation. #7 and #8 would remind me of the two countries where I sponsor orphans. #9 also comes in letters, but I love stars. The biggest drawback is that it's gold, and gold isn't really my thing.

What pretties have you found and love? Or wear/have and love? I love to see how very, very different people's jewelry tastes are.


Gina said...

I think you NEED #2 and #6. Just sayin.

stephanie said...

I have a few things that Matt bought me that I LOVE and those are the things I wear everyday. A 12 yr. old watch (there really is no reason for any other watch to exist besides a Citizen eco-drive....pricey, but I've worn it everyday for 12 yrs and it never needs a new battery!) My wedding rings, diamond earrings and then this Valentines Day he gave me a heart necklace surrounded in diamonds. It's small and not flashy at all, but with just the right amount of sparkle. I love it! It looks great with jeans and a t-shirt or more dressy clothes. It will be an everyday piece :)