February 11, 2011

eat this immediately


The moment I saw this photo, it went instantly into my "save for inspiration" file. I wanted to eat one of those cookies immediately! Don't they look like the yummiest things you've ever seen?!

(I use
Tumblr to save all those images I find on my adventures all over the internet. I love it because it's simple, user friendly and lets me follow other people whose Tumblr's I also love. Tumblr rocks, yo.)

In other news...
  • I'm dog walking this weekend. Nice little side adventure while I'm also working at camp.
  • Found this blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. Love her fun, fashion photos.
  • This video is super cool. One of my favorite movies of all time. And beautiful photos to boot. I don't think Annie Leibovitz is "it," but she is crazy talented. Those dresses...I die over those dresses.
  • I realized today that almost half of my jeans have holes in the knees from too much wear.
  • I also realized that my two favorite pairs of shoes have holes worn in them. (granted, one of those pairs was a rescue from the camp-end-of-summer-lost-and-found, which is a great place to score some cool stuff.) Need to buy some new shoes. Actually NEED to.

Have a great weekend, all!


stephanie said...

those cookies look GROSS!

cottage girl said...

For reals? It's like two of my favorite foods rolled into one!