February 15, 2011

lost in thoughts

Today was one of those days where I was lost in my thoughts for pretty much 95% of the day. Deep, talk-to-yourself, figure out life, question everything thoughts. It was kinda intense.

So tonight, I opened up my homework and begged, literally, for God to speak and clear out the foggy brain I was having. And it was amazing. The three of the specific things I had been obsessing over all day...they were in this study. One. Two. Three.

It brought me to tears of thankfulness for a Savior who hears and answers, if I will only take the time to listen. The craziness has calmed to a whisper. And the whisper is just Him reminding me how loved and treasured I am. And that He wants me to "abound in hope."

ps...Alexi Murdoch has a free download right now. Getcha some. It's fab.

1 comment:

Kaley said...

Praise! His faithfulness is so abundant. I'm encouraged by your sharing, thank you :)