February 28, 2011


My favorites from the night. Half the fun of the Oscars is watching all those beautiful gowns, isn't it?!

I know lots of people hated this one, but I loved it. Maybe not as fancy as it should have been, but wow. Love.love.love.

Truth be told, I hated this when I first saw it. So weird. But it grew on me throughout the night. And when Cate presented, it flowed so daintily as she walked on the stage. It's a piece of art, not really a dress. At least that's how I'm appreciating it now. And, let's be honest, not really anyone else could wear this and still look so beautiful and effortless.

The best color. And so sophisticated. She really did look like a Queen, that Helen Mirren.

Half of why I loved her look so much was her adorable pixie cut. But that dress....I wanted to see it up close in real life because I just knew it was stunning.

Um, how adorable was he? Seriously.

So perfectly age appropriate and sweet. She looked perfectly 14 and perfectly lovely. LOVE the length.

My favorite of the whole night and the whole awards season this year. It was a little sci fi and a little glam. I just L.O.V.E.D it. It's one of those that I'll remember years from now.

It would be so fun to see all those gowns in real life just once. I can't image how beautiful they are in person. And yes, I know it's just a dress. And yes, I agree that we can go overboard on the critiques and thinking it's the most important thing in the world. But as a woman, it is fun to get dressed up and feel pretty for a night. Even if it's just a party with friends.

And look...the Oscars were so long that I finished an entire hat. Granted it was just a baby hat, but still. I feel at least a little better about sitting in front of the TV for an entire evening. Baby gift #1 = finished.

**all images found here (except my hat, of course).

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