March 14, 2011

23 acres

23 small acres.

Not all of them are pictured here, but mostly.

Sometimes I don't leave these 23 acres for a week. Not on purpose, really. It's just that I get distracted and realize I haven't driven off the property for days.

These 23 little acres are jam packed with memories. There's one in each building and field and corner. The people that live here with me are dear and precious.

All that water. Beautiful, on a calm, sunny day. Sparkling. Grey-ish blue. Lapping at the shore.

I wonder if that's what the people in Japan thought of their little towns. Beautiful sea-side towns. Full of memories and little corners they loved. And full of people they cared about in those houses and buildings.

My heart is just broken for Japan and the tragedy (these videos are haunting) that has happened there. I can't even begin to imagine watching my world wash away right before my eyes. I can't imagine how I would pick up the pieces and live after that. I've just been praying because only God can heal those hearts. It's hard to think about anything else lately.

***photo: taken by helicopter. This photo was donated to our camp by our neighbors that live up the street. They knew we'd love to have it. How sweet is that?!


stephanie said...

where's your cottage in this picture?

cottage girl said...

It's hidden in the trees between the big white building (Gym) and the climbing tower on the right. The climbing tower is at the right-side edge of the photo. My cottage is on to the left of it. Is that too confusing?

stephanie said...

nope - i got it! What a LOVELY place to live!!!!! It's nice to picture exactly where you are :)