March 01, 2011



Do you ever have those moments when something sparks a memory? Totally out of the blue. You were on a totally different plane of thought/mood/attitude. And wham. Out of nowhere. You are instantly gone from where you are and back to that moment, swimming around in the smells, the sights, the feeling of the objects and the ground around you. Like you are seeing it again through the eyes of your past self?

I love it when this happens to me.

I catch a certain scent in the air and instantly I'm 21 again. Backstage in college theater. I can smell the make-up in the dressing rooms. Feel the energy prickling from the nerves of the actors about to step on stage into the spotlight. The old wooden floor is creaking as I tip-toe around trying not to make a noise. The feel of the jet black velvet curtains that hide the wings of the stage. The stifled giggles and outbursts from the people around me, hushing each other so the audience isn't disturbed. The piano pounding out the soundtrack to the upcoming musical number that is about to go on. The stolen glances at the audience. The energy that exists backstage in the theater like no where else in the whole world. I can still feel it when I smell that scent. The one I can't describe, but only remember.

A few months ago, God brought something back to my memory that I had forgotten since high school. It thrilled me and scared me all at the same time. A past dream that I had long forgotten, packed away and left to gather dust on the shelves of adulthood. And rightfully so. He had other plans for me during these last few years. Plans that I would have begrudged, if I hadn't let go of that dream. And what a wonder I would have missed, if I had held on too tightly to something that He asked to take from my hands.

It's been exciting to consider it all over again. To roll that idea around in my head and pray over it and beseech God over it. Something that I hadn't thought about since I was a teenager, a child. What a beautiful reminder that God is still in the business of dreams and adventures. He's still painting a beautiful piece of art with my life. It may turn out completely different than I ever dreamed, but what an adventure that will be. I pray that I will always be open to the adventure. Open to the risk. Open to the possibility that I have no idea what He will do next. And that I will have the faith to step out in to the unknown and do it.

Adventure is, indeed, out there.

....and to all of you (you know who you are) that are reading this and thinking what I think you are thinking, the answer is no. I'm not. I promise to tell you if and when I am.


Gina said...

Tell me about it. God took me on a similar adventure last year. Didn't at all end up where I thought it would, but He is no where near finished with me or my adventure yet. So excited for you!!!!.
I love the last little note to "those" people bc I was thinking of them too and saying "oh boy, this is REALLY gonna have them shaking in their boots."

Anonymous said...

what's so cool about SOME OF US SHAKING IN OUR BOOTS?!?!?!??!!??!

not cool.


Gina said...

who said anything about cool? Just acknowledging that YOU would be, is all.