March 31, 2011

the girls

The whole reason I went to NC this weekend was to have a girls weekend. All these crazy girls who have worked with me at camp (or are connected because of it). Together in one place. We've known each other for over 10 years now. Almost all of us have lived in the Cottage for at least a year.

When I was in high school, I would get so depressed because I didn't have great girl friends at school. I wanted someone I could laugh with. Someone I could share my heart with. Someone who would challenge me to run after Jesus.

I wanted a group of friends who just got me. The kind I may not see every day, but would immediately feel at home with as soon as we got together. The kind who told me when I was being stupid, in a loving way, of course. I prayed for these friends daily.

The Lord answered my prayer, but not in high school. It was in college. I found amazing women who loved Jesus and loved me. We shared those college years together and I made some of the most amazing memories of my life.

Leaving college, I was heart broken. Literally. I missed my friends so much it hurt. I hated that they lived so very far away. I thought that I would never find friends again. (young and naive, yes, I know) I was doomed to my lonely high school years forever.

And then God dropped camp in my lap, completely out of the blue just 1 month after I graduated college. In the midst of my loneliness. And not only did He give me the place that I would spend the next 13 years, but He filled it with these amazing people. True friends. Blessings on top of my college friends blessing. Women who love Him and want to serve others. Women who make me laugh and cry and live.

I wish I could adequately put into words the blessing of these friends. I wish I could find the exact phrases that would echo my heart. But I know that's not possible because the Lord's true blessings are beyond words. They are the happy sighs of our hearts when they are content and in full realization of His goodness in our lives.

These girls are just a small peak at the crowd of friends that the Lord has blessed with since those days when I thought I would be lonely forever. A beautiful picture of a compassionate, loving, caring Father who blesses His children with good gifts.

Love you, girls! Miss you already.


Gina said...

My goodness. My heart beats out of my chest with love and joy when I look at these pics. I am blessed beyond measure!!!!!
How kind of our Father to give us the gift of gut splitting laughter on top of everything else He gives us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Apey! :)
I want to go back to last weekend RIGHT NOW.
Had so much fun & can't wait until Fall of 2012 when we do it again!!!!

Yours Truly,
Popcorn _ _ _