March 15, 2011

pink tape and a book

I've been crushing on hot pink lately. And I think I need to find some tape just like this so I can hang photos in my room. (Cinder block walls = no way to hang anything) The pink would look perfect against my vanilla milkshake walls.

I finished the book late last night. I hadn't been able to put it down since I got it on Friday. A few notes...1.)The cover is totally creepy and doesn't really go with the story all that well. 2.)I will give it props for not being about werewolves, vampires or wizards. 3.)It's the author's first book 4.)It had great potential. 5.)It had great build-up. 6.)The ending was kinda a disappointment though. 7.)I will say that it is the first book in quite a while that I hadn't been able to put down because I wanted to know what happens. 8.)It's worth a read if you like YA novels, but Ender's Game is way better. (duh)

So, now I need a new YA book to read. Suggestions? Anything else good out there lately?


twentyfivetolife said...

I"ve heard good things about the Gone serious as well as I am Number Four. I am beginning to think that "young adult" means a target audience of 20-30 something year old women though, because that seems to be all the people I know who read these books.

cottage girl said...

I'm on the forever long waiting list for I Am Number Four at the library. I'm just too cheap to buy it. Can't wait to try it. Rather read the book before I see the movie.

Tried the first Gone book, but didn't really like it so I never finished it.

And I agree with you about the target audience. I think the biggest problem is that the books that are marketed to us 20-30's are usually romances. And I, for one, am not a fan of that particular genre. Plus, YA novels are usually a little cleaner than the racy romance novels. And they usually are a little more creative. ex: Hunger Games, The Book Thief, Ender's Game, Harry Potter.