March 02, 2011

It's been a Jane Austen kind of day

It just never gets old.
I still giggle and melt and cry over it.
After 183,000 times it's still just that good.

Just had to pop in MP after P&P was over.
Next up will be S&S and the new Emma, which has been on our DVR for over a year because I keep re-watching it.

***finished another baby hat with a new pattern. Super easy, simple and adorable. Hat #2 completed while watching P&P. I haven't knit in almost a year because I just couldn't force myself to do it. Now, I can't stop. Weird how you go through stages, huh?


stephanie said...

where's the picture of hat #2??? I wanna see! Not being able to make yourself knit in a YEAR???? Gasp! I must fact I nearly never do any other creative thing....they all seem stressful and confusing...then I see the yarn and the needles and I think....awwww...there you are...sweet uncomplicated..... :)

cottage girl said...

Photo soon. I will.

My crafting goes in stages. I get obsessed with something and abandon everything else for a while. It's kinda nice because then I come back to my abandoned craft and it feels new all over again.

I'm sure you are a much better knitter than me, too! Wish we could have a knitting club together...