March 04, 2011

The return of Friday Finds

I found so many fun things this week. Thought I'd bring back the old Friday Finds and share them with you, dear readers.

This song
. On repeat. Over and over and over. It was on Smallville last week during the best Oliver and Chloe moment ever. Oh, how I will miss this show and those two characters every week.

These photos on The Big Picture of the Nyiragongo Crater. Dear goodness. Volcanoes are utterly fascinating and beautiful to me. I got to visit Volcanoes National Park when I was in Hawaii a few years ago. Jeepers, it was so neat-o.

Elsie's Fight Club chocolate bars. So perfect for a party, no?!

Katie's new post. Talk about convicting. I don't feel like I am even close to being able to understand what this truly means/looks like in my life. I can truly say that Katie's blog continues to challenge and change me just like it did when I found it 3 years ago. Jesus speaks through her words to my heart.

Amazing news on one of my favorite blogs this week. Literal tears of joy and excitement. This family constantly inspires me to love Jesus and the orphan more.

I wanted to dust off the old, film, Pentax I have from the 80's when I saw this from Hula this week. Swoon. And how adorable is that camera?

I'm tempted to take this workshop even though I don't scrapbook. Ali is so inspiring. Her designs with all their details are works of art. Her blog has been one of my favorites for about 5 years now.

Etsy was a treasure trove this week. Wow.
Super find: this shop full of beautiful clocks and watches, two of my favorite things to drool over.

This shop. I fell in love with this, this, this and this. And this I would wear every day. It just feels like the style of this shop is perfect for camp life. Love, love, love. And can't afford any of it....

Nan Lawson's shop. This one is a must. Already planning a spot for it. This one is another fave, but half of the shop is one big fave.

This adorable print from Handz. I think either my nephew needs this.

A tall ship letterpress card? Yes, please!

And a pretty piece for my walls.
Finally, a book to read. Shiver. I finally found another young adult novel that captured my attention. It's kinda disappointing though that werewolves, vampires and fantasy are the only topics that seem to be popular right now. The books stores are full of them, and it's hard to find other genres. Don't people have any original ideas now-a-days? Maybe because I was totally into the whole Buffy-verse all those years ago, but I'm completely over the whole vampire craze. Time for a new theme.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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