March 06, 2011

Tonight, I've been....

Listening to the rain on the roof and windows. Is there any more peaceful sound in the world, I ask?

Knitting hat #4. I was halfway done when I realized I messed up a row and had to take out 4 rows to fix it. All is well now. Photos when the light is better. Promise.

Watching the Les Mis concert on PBS tonight. And singing along. I mean, how can one not sing along to those songs? They give me chills. This concert performance isn't as great as the original (which I've seen too many times to count), but still quite enjoyable.

Watching some FNL season 1. The first 4 seasons are on Netflix Instant right now for all of you that need something to watch. Give it a few episodes and you'll be hooked. And the words "Tim Riggins" will take on a whole new meaning.

Killing more stink bugs. I'm so sick of these blasted things.

This week, dare I say, this month, we are entering the danger zone at camp. And by danger zone, I mean crazy, crazy time. Once the weather gets warm, our lives go into high gear. I've been so incredibly grateful for our slow months. This year more than ever. What a blessing that the Lord gives us time to breathe and re-coup. And now, it's back to the crazy until November.

One day at a time. One day at a time....
One day mooorrr-ooorrr-ooor. Sorry, it's stuck in my head at the moment.

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