March 09, 2011

yummy favorite


I'm going to do a total nerd post.

I was eating these tonight and realized that I'm slightly obsessed with them.

My favorite fruit, and it's hard to pick just one, has to be the cranberry. I will eat it in just about anything. Muffins, cranberry sauce (chunky style, please!), smoothies, cookies, trail mix, sherbet, salads, cranberry juice (my fave), cereal, granola or just handfuls all by themselves. My favorite brand is Ocean Spray. For some reason, that brand taste different/better to me. I like to buy them (dried) in the huge 48oz bag because I go through them so fast.

My favorite way to eat them is covered in chocolate, of course. Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries are the best of the best and most addictive. Mmmmm...

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Anonymous said...

ANYTHING in dark choc-o-late is most addictive! - momma