April 13, 2011

How does 34 look on me?

The best part about your birthday? Getting to hear from all those people you love and adore, all in one day. I feel so loved and appreciated. Thanks friends and family for making my day. I love you all!

****On my birthday trip to NYC, I got to spend Saturday morning roaming about Brooklyn and Manhattan all by myself. It was so perfectly lovely. It was a semi-warm, sunny day. One of the first we've had here all spring.

I spent a good 2 or more hours just sitting in Rockafeller Plaza, on a park bench, people watching and soaking up the sun. No where to be. Nothing to do. Just sitting in the sun and relaxing. And then I got up a few hours later and walked into some shops along 5th Avenue. It...was...divine. Thanks mom and dad for the wonderful birthday celebration weekend!

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Kristi-Anna said...

34 looks great on you my friend. :0) I so look forward to another summer with you.