April 17, 2011

so, so lovely

What?! My eyes are closed?! Oh, who am I kidding... happens ALL the time.

Oh, my gosh, this wedding was so much fun. Lots of friends, dancing, yummy, yummy food, happy moments, pretty handmade decorations, sweetness and love. It's always such an honor to be a part of someone's big day. This time, I got to read scripture. And help with a few crafty fun things. It was delight-ful.

And now, onto another week. A happy 4 day work week! Isn't that the best feeling sometimes? Knowing a nice long weekend is ahead of you?

I've started a little list of things I want to post about. Things that I just didn't have time to post this past week. Hope you'll stop by and say hi. I've missed you all.


Cottage Girl


Anonymous said...

LOVE the dress! (Yours, I mean!)-Mom

cottage girl said...

Thanks, Momma. I love it so much. Such a perfect vintage find!

Allison Drew said...

Ooooh girl! I like that dress, too! I also love that your mom commented. So sweet!