April 20, 2011

single-file line

There's something about digging in the dirt. Something about pulling out those wicked, evil weeds. Something about seeing the cluttered, overgrown ground turn clean and new and ready for flowers.

There's something about yard work that is so therapeutic for me. I miss it during the winter. I start getting anxious for it as soon as the weather turns warm.

Pulling weeds, listening to the boats on the water and the birds in the distance. It's the perfect environment to think and pray. I do a lot of talking to the Lord. It clears my head and calms the crazies. Those 5 million thoughts that stampede in my head through out the day...they seem to get into a nice, organized, single-file line.

Welcome back, warm weather. Oh, how I've missed you.


Shannon said...

I love that you called the weeds EVIL! LOL

stephanie said...

my grandma told me when I was little and she and my grandpa would live in our backyard in a travel trailer all summer and grow a huge garden in our yard....that weeds are like sin in our life...they make everything ugly and crowd out the good stuff and won't allow it to blossom and flourish...so we have to get rid of weeds like sin...pulling them out by the roots and tossing them far away...i can't pull weeds now without thinking of that analogy...and yes I totally agree yard work is SO VERY SOOTHING to the soul! I love it and miss it all winter too. We've had so much rain here all week I haven't done anything all week and I can't wait to get back to it...they are calling for rain all this week too though :(

cottage girl said...

We've had a ton of rain here too. Just have to jump in and weed when the showers stop for 2 hours. SO ready for warm, more sun-filled days!
I heard someone else say that about weeds when I was a little kiddo. My mom, maybe? Anyway, I always think of that too when I weed. A great spiritual lesson in the midst of an every day chore.