April 12, 2011

Why am I surprised?

This past weekend, I went shopping for shoes. Specific shoes. I needed something to go with a vintage dress I bought a few weeks ago at one of the best vintage shops I've ever seen....ever. Unlucky for me, that shop is 6 hours away from me. Or...maybe that's lucky because I would want to spend all my $$ there.

Anyway, I needed something with a certain vibe that would go well with the dress. I looked and looked and looked. I tried all the expensive stores in the mall. (I hate the mall. Anyone else?) Nothing. Then I walked by a store I never, ever go in because I saw a couple cute things in the window. I tried on these. These pretty shoes from Aldo.

They were perfect. And they were super comfortable. And they were 4 times as much as my dress. Gulp. Not gonna happen. I handed back to the girl at the shop and said no thanks and left.
It was kinda disheartening. I'm not gonna lie. I'm not a big shopper. I'm super picky. Plus, I'm cheap. I am. I hate spending ridiculous amounts of money on anything. And by ridiculous, I mean over $20.

I left the mall grumbling. Out loud I said, as I was pulling my car out of the parking lot, "Lord, I'd really like to find some shoes for this dress. It's not urgent, but it would sure be nice not to spend a ton of money." And off I went to Target.

Low and behold, looky what they had there....

If these aren't as close as you can get to the super pricey ones...wow. And not only that, but they were on sale. I couldn't believe it even though it was exactly what I had just asked for. Why am I continually surprised when the Lord answers my specific, simple little prayers? Why?

Oh, and an added bonus, I found an even more perfect pair of shoes to go with my dress and guess what? They were on sale too. And both pairs together were half of what those silly expensive shoes would have cost me.

The end.


Gina said...

Wait. So where is the picture of the other shoes? These are amazing. I have a vested interest in this ensemble you know. And did you find a belt yet? So exciting.

cottage girl said...

I couldn't find a link to the other pair. I'll take of photo of the whole "ensemble" so you can see everything. And I think I'll use the belt I got in NC when I bought the dress. It still works with the shoes I found.
Thanks for all your help! It wouldn't have been as much fun without all the input.