April 22, 2011


Dress: Vintage
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: H&M

When I was in NC a few weekends ago, I found the most adorable vintage shop in downtown Wilmington. It was full to the brim with lovely dresses and hats and bags and shoes. Best part: the prices were great, too.

I'll admit that I geeked out a bit and stayed in there for over an hour while the rest of the girls (except S & G) kept walking and looking. I grabbed armfulls of dresses to try on in hopes that I would find something to wear to a wedding.

It was super fun to try on all those old, beautiful dresses. And S & G were kind enough to watch me try them all on and help me decide which ones to get. It was so much fun to be able to share the whole experience with them.

This one was my favorite. An everyday dress that I can see my self wearing every weekend in the summer. It's super comfortable and has the sweetest details like these side pleats....

I realized, also, how well vintage sizes fit me. I'm on the petite side and usually the boxy, weird cuts in today's fashion just don't suit my body type. Almost all the dresses I tried on (but had to put back on the rack...sad) fit well. I say that's a good excuse to shop vintage more often, don't you?


Gina said...

it was fun. didn't mind at all, but don't forget FORCING me to try on old, smelly dresses.

stephanie said...

I agree about the sizes....I have a very scrawny upper body.....I'm pretty much a ribcage with stick -like arms sticking out :) the women of yesteryear seemed to be built like that too. usually shirts never fit in the armpits...they are always too big...even petite sizes...but old stuff can fit me like a glove.

cottage girl said...

G: you call the "old, smelly dresses." I call them one of a kind, just need to be washed, at least 10 other people won't be wearing my dress....dresses. Tomato...tomaaahto.

S: exactly!