April 10, 2011

So Loved

So Loved

I feel like I should explain my connection with this family, so you understand where my heart is....

I stumbled upon Ni Hao Y'all a few years ago. Probably hopscotching around adoption blogs. I tend to do that often. I love reading the stories of little ones that find their forever homes. Anyway, this particular blog just resonated with me and I booked marked it. You should too.

Stefanie was the one from whom I first heard about An Orphan's Wish. She is the one who also posted on her blog about needing volunteers for AOW. I have her to thank for introducing me to that wonderful organization and the littles that I sponsor(ed) through them. I also have her to thank for including me and emailing back and forth with me and setting me up as an AOW volunteer.

And now, her family is stepping out in faith and bringing home two, yes 2, dear little girls from China. You can read about it here. Esther and Poppy will be kiddos #10 and #11 in their family. Wow. God is amazing, isn't He?!

So, here's where you can help. They are doing a crazy, cool fundraiser to bring their littles home. Adoption is expensive. And times 2? Well, that can seem overwhelming. But we all know that when God leads, He provides. I'm so excited to see Him do things, BIG things through this family's steps of faith.

So head on over to So Loved. You can win some amazing prizes. And most importantly, you can help place 2 little orphans, all the way in China, into a family that will love them and tell them about Jesus. Kinda gives you chills, right?!

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