June 16, 2011

at "work" tonight

My boat died in the middle of the river this evening.

I was towing 8 of our staff on the banana boat.

Not the best time to have your boat die.

The weather was already on the "maybe we shouldn't be driving in this" side.

The waves were so big that driving into them meant getting absolutely soaked.

Our other boat had to pull up to ours (not the easiest thing in the world on rough seas),
pick up the banana,
take it back to shore,
drop off the banana,
drive back out to me (quickly floating down river because of the crazy wind),
and then we had to figure out the problem.

Thankfully, I was surrounded by my 2 other waterfront people and my roommate who was a calm spotter and kept everyone safe and happy on the banana.

And thankfully one of them (yeah for Ben!) remembered that last year a small fuse had blown.

And thankfully, we could just pull one out of another spot and stick it in the ignition spot.

And thankfully, thankfully, thankfully....the boat started right up.

Un-thankfully, I had to lie on my back under the steering column, praying that I wouldn't throw up because the boat was being tossed about like a toy when I was figuring out the fuse situation.

I was seasick for a good hour afterwards.

But I'll take a little seasickness as long as everyone is safe and the boat is running.

And I'm oh, so incredibly thankful for cool heads under stressful situations and the Hand of protection for all involved.

Happy to be back on non-rocking land,

Cottage Girl


Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting! I miss those doing boat repair in the middle of the river...

cottage girl said...

I guess that means you should come back for a visit, huh?