June 14, 2011

Random facts and what I've been up to:

I changed my computer background to this photo. My niece, Evelyn, reminds me so, so much of my sister that it's scary. She has that determined (read: strong willed) streak in her. She loves deeply. She's good at manipulating. That little girl melts my heart.

When I told her I was leaving to fly back home after being there for 3 days, she promptly asked if she could come with me. I, of course, told her absolutely yes. I think in her young mind, the decision was made and she was coming. Thus, when I actually went to walk out the door, she was crushed and wouldn't have anything to do with me. I thought it was rather funny and quite endearing. I don't get to see my nieces (!) and nephew that often. Only a handful of times a year. So the fact they want to be near me and spend time with me and come running up to me when they see me for the first time in months with shouts of glee and big hugs, well that's just a wonder.

And you better believe that I will keep that promise of her coming to visit once she gets a little older (Sorry, sis. I'm gonna have to.)

I have been training boat drivers quite a bit lately. We have lots and lots of brand new staff this year. That happens every couple of years as our "old faithfuls" age out of the camp life. It's fun and sad all at the same time.

With this year being a big turnover year, I have the challenge of introducing a lot of new people to power boats and how to use them correctly. Thankfully, the Lord gave me my friend, Neal, this summer to help me with all the training. It would be an impossible job on my own.

I sometimes forget how scary it can be to turn over a $40,000 boat to a brand new driver and teach them how to safely operate it and keep all the children they are pulling behind them (on the banana and the tube) safe as well. Driving a boat is not an easy thing. It has taken me almost 11 years to feel confident in my ability to drive. And even still, it terrifies me at times.

I'm deep into a new book. I picked up Decision Points yesterday at the library and haven't been able to put it down. The first chapter alone was captivating. I happen to find GWB absolutely fascinating. Can't wait to read the rest.

I got to hand over a HUGE project that I've been working on for most of the spring. It felt like 300 lbs was lifted off my chest. During the year at camp, I'm the administrative assistant. During the months of March, April and May I added 2 more jobs on top of that. Now, I'm down to just one again. Waterfront. Kinda nice to just be in charge of one thing again.

It was 66 degrees when I woke up today. Last week it was 104. Everyone was in sweatshirts all day because it felt so cold compared to the heat wave of last week. And, of course, we were inside all day. It's only 104 when we have to do ropes training or work projects all day.


Anonymous said...

Love the pic. You are beautiful girls. (I'm a little biased...) - mom and nana

cottage girl said...

Thanks, mommy. I love it too.