June 24, 2011


I know it's wrong, so very wrong, to be jealous of your friends when good things happen to them. It's deplorable. It's silly. And I'm totally guilty on all counts.

My sweet friend told me this spring that she would not be returning to camp this summer. It was a tough pill to swallow, let me tell you. I knew that I would miss her and all our long talks. I would miss our kindred-spritness (yes, I made that word up).

You see, she and I both have a burning passion for orphans and seeing them find their forever homes. Her family has brought home 3 dear ones from different parts of the globe. We talk about Ch*na and the dear babies that are there in orphanages. We pray over their sweet faces through An Orphans Wish. We dream about going to there together and loving on babies.

Then this spring, when her time to make a decision about camp was here, God threw an amazing opportunity her way. Ch*na for 8 weeks. An orphanage with kiddos to love on for 8 weeks. Of course, she had to say yes. And of course I was exceedingly excited for her.

It's that darn jealously that I must repent of. So instead of imagining all those faces she'll see and the hugs she will give, I'll cover her in prayers as she heads out of the country today. And I'll continually think of her as I love on the kiddos here at camp, knowing that she's doing the same thing all the way over there. And I will thank the Lord that He continues to bring new friends into my life to encourage me and challenge me and draw me closer to His heart.

I love you, dear friend! And I'm only about 40% jealous.....and 60% happy for you....

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