June 07, 2011

What's in...

...my fridge: Not much of anything besides Brita water and Sun Tea. We start eating all meals over at the camp kitchen this week.

...my freezer: Tons of frozen fruit and spinach. Smoothie season is back.

...my car's CD player: Wolfgang Amadeus by Phoenix, Battlestar Season 4 Soundtrack Disc 1, Titanic the Musical, Takk by Sigur Ros and two other things I can't remember.

...my Zune: the last thing I listened to was this sermon by Mark Driscoll (so timely for camp's start) and some Brooke Fraser.

...my nightstand: My Bible. This book. Anne of Ingleside. (I never, ever get tired of Anne. Even after the 117th re-read. My sister gave me a weird face when she saw me pull it out of my bag and she said, "how many times have you read that?!). Journals. Just to name a few things.

...my purse: wallet from UO, keys, phone, small shopping bag and another Moleskin.

...my DVD player: Veronica Mars Season 1 (Loooohgan) and West Wing Season 2 (I think it's the best one).

...my DVR: Recently finished episodes of Vampire Diaries and Nikita (thank you CW for re-airing the seasons in their entirety.) and Anthony Bourdain. We also have some Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Behind the Scenes.

...my head: Camp, camp, CAMP. We start tomorrow. 60 new "kids" to meet and train. I can't believe it's here. Literally. It's also supposed be 125 degrees outside. Ughhhh.

...my heart: Jesus, of course!

Your turn.


Allison Drew said...

Lady. I'm going to need some smoothie recipes/tips/etc.

cottage girl said...

Sure thing. I'll email you. Super, duper easy.

Allison Drew said...

yay!! I'm so looking forward to your email. We should really be pen/email pals.