June 21, 2011

summer reading

Since it's the first day of summer, I suppose it's ok to finally post my summer reading list.

Was anyone else a big nerd like me and loved getting the summer reading list for school? I loved looking at that long list of titles. Little thrills of new worlds that were awaiting me. There's just something about summer weather, a good book and a beach chair or blanket that makes me giddy. N...E...R...D.

Here we go. For 2011. A long list that I will probably never be able to get through, but oh, I'm gonna try my darndest.

1. Decision Points. I'm in the thick of this one now and can't put it down. It's good, friends. So, so good. The tough thing is that it's a 14 day borrow from the library. Somehow I don't think my 12 hours work days are going to let me finish this one before it has to go back. Dilemma.

2. Bossypants. Another dilemma. Buy or library? Hmmm. Either way, I simply can't wait for this one. Tiny Fey is the bees knees. If she made it/wrote it/acted in it, I'm in.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird. It's time to take this off the "I really should/want to read this classic" list. This is the summer.

4. Autobiography of Mark Twain Vol. 1. Weighing in at almost 800 pages, this is the most likely to not get finished this summer. But, by golly, I sure do want to give it a go. I've loved Mark Twain's style since I was in elementary school. Tom Sawyer is one of my all time favorites. I would love to hear him talk about his crazy life in his own words.

5. The Screwtape Letters. It's rather horrible how little Lewis I have read. He's my Waterloo. Even the Narnia books. I have to re-read sentences over and over and over. But I'm determined. And a sweet friend loaned me this too, so I gotta read so we can discuss.

6. The Kite Runner. Because so many book loving friends have told me to. And because I want to see if all the fuss is really true. Another loan from a friend.

7. Sophie's Heart. No idea what to expect. But when a fellow booky tells you it's their favorite, then you must, right? I'll give it a go.

I ♥ the way summer becomes a giant lending library at camp. We swap books constantly. With little to no TV to distract us, we spend our free hours turning pages on pool lounge chairs and breezy piers, on the cool(er) evening sun soaked grass and on the front wall with the water lapping. There's rarely a time when you don't see someone hidden away in a quiet nook with a book open on their lap. It's the best.

ps...I also secretly dream that it's another HP summer and #8 will come out at midnight a few weeks from now. I'll head out to the bookstore with friends in tow at some un-godly hour just to stand in a ridiculously long line with about 300 children dressed in robes and carrying wands. I'll get up to the front of the line (finally) and grab that big thick book knowing that I have hours of pure adventure in front of me, mostly in the midnight hours. And good ol' J.K. won't disappoint. Oh, how I desperately miss those summer moments! They were treasured summer memories. I'm so jealous of those of you that still have those stories to read!

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