June 20, 2011

Day 1

The glamorous camp life. It looked like this today.

The crabbing chicken got tangled today. No, not Tangled. Little "t" tangled. In a major way. It took me an hour to fix it. And by "fix" I mean cut all the string and start all over again. You better believe I wore gloves. If not, I would have smelled like raw, rotten chicken the rest of the day. Not really my favorite scent. (gagging sound repeated several times)

Aside from that, Day 1 went really well. New counselors and staff finding their place, figuring out their role, realizing what they got themselves into for the rest of the 8 weeks they will be here. Kids were on the zip line for the first time. The leap of faith for the first time. It was exciting for us full-timers after months of prep and fundraising.

God is faithful. He provides. He's going to do big things this summer. I just know it.

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