June 30, 2011

stare directly

Today was spent staring directly into the sun for about 95% of the day. My eyes and skin were screaming for shade by the time I dragged my body back to the cottage at 8pm tonight. Dim lights and a wonderful camp shower.

side note: ever since my first summer here, my brother, sister and I all call a good shower after a long, hot, busy day a "camp shower." They'll still text me every once in a while with a "took a camp shower tonight." There is nothing like it. And back in the day, when we lived in buildings at camp with no air conditioning, it was the best way to cool off and stay that way...at least until you turned the cold water off and started sweating again. Camp showers are the best.

I think I re-applied sunscreen about 5 times today. Thick, gooey layers of sunscreen. Oh, yeah. Thankfully, it was only about 84 degrees today with almost no humidity. A lovely day indeed.

We spent the afternoon on the island, banana boating and tubing and swimming. Well, actually I was just driving the tubing boat the whole time, but all the camper girls and counselors were doing all those things. It's fun to see them laugh and scream with glee. They seemed to really love it. And I never ever get tired of filling up the boat with tons of kids and zipping off down the river at super speed. Wind in my face. Kids laughing and loving every minute of their boat ride. Giggling as we go over bumps or they get splashed with waves. Looking around at their faces and hearing them say "this is my first time on a boat!" Watching them wave at every boat that passes us with a "HI!!!" I love, love, love being on the water with them.

Right now though, I'm going to love closing my eyes and laying my head on my pillow.

Good night, all.


Cottage Girl

side note #2: Learning to surf is on my top 5 things to do before I die, especially in Hawaii. I dream about it all the time.

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