December 04, 2011


I was completely charmed by this movie today. Read about it in a magazine and knew that it was going to be on my "movies to see" list this month. And I wasn't disappointed.

It was superbly cast. Each person shined in their role, especially this young guy. He was fantastic.

But as good as he was, he doesn't hold a candle to Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. She's got to get an Oscar nod for this one.

Her performance was a beautiful transformation. All the hype you hear about her in this role is accurate. She is a wonder. I was mesmerized for the entire movie. All the way down to her makeup, hair, clothing and mannerisms.

It was a simple story, but if you're a fan of old Hollywood and Marilyn (like me!) than you will enjoy it. And will you just look at the color palate in these photos. It's just a small bit of the beauty that is in this little charmer of a film.

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